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Since the 1950’s, the Martinelli Luce company has produced high quality functionally-decorative luminaires that incorporate Italian design inspired  by nature and geometry.
Their innovative interior and exterior products use materials according to  their intrinsic characteristics and utilize the latest techniques and technologies. Their extensive production facility is equipped with the latest advanced machinery with all products conforming to European and International requirements.


See Catalogues for viewing products via types, ie. pendant, ceiling, wall, table, floor.


The world of Cini & Nils consists of innovative ideas, austere forms, precise details, quality materials and accurate finishes. Established in 1969, Cini & Nils has been creating innovative luminaires to develop a link between décor accessories and lighting.

With Italian styling and attention to details, every design is carefully researched, analysed and tested.

Their acceptance of changing technology and exploration of new ideas and concepts has kept them at the forefront of artistic lighting design, with many products included in the New York Museum of Modern Art collection. All products conform to European and International standards.


Specialising in handmade products, Tunto combines the latest lighting technologies with wooden materials. This progressive company produces innovative new interior lighting concepts using wood as the source of inspiration.

In their Finland workshop all products are produced with a high degree of personal care with a respect for traditional handwork, ensuring each piece is a work of art as well as a functioning luminaire. They have a passion for creating unique designs incorporating the magical touch of Scandinavian aesthetics. Tunto emphasises environmental issues in every phase of production and maintains an ecological approach in all design and packaging.

All products conform to European and International standards.


Tec-Mar has been manufacturing a wide range of high quality interior and exterior light fittings for more than twenty years. With creativity and expertise, their offerings are designed to suit varying applications in harmony with current trends and market requirements.

Through continuous investment in research and development their products remain at the forefront of energy efficiency, performance and safety. A dynamic and growing Italian company, Tec-Mar utilizes the latest manufacturing equipment and processes with all products conforming to European and International requirements.


From Infinity, Infinity has come into existence. From Infinity, when Infinity is taken away, Infinity remains.

Corvi logo imbibes the infinite loop to remind us that the quest for knowledge is infinite. Reflecting the dialectical thought from the ancient vedic source that says, ‘your soul encompasses the universe and the universe surrounds your soul.’

Our brand has its roots in an organization that has been developing high end technologies used for electronic studio flash lighting. This very precise need for light requires an intricate engineered technology.

One has to blend two dimensions by understanding art and interpreting science in order to achieve results.

The culmination of this knowledge gathered for more than fifty years now surfaces in the form of Corvi.