Energywise Systems Pty (Ltd) | Technical Data, Glossary and FAQs
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& FAQs



Technical Data, Glossary and FAQs


The Energywise Lighting Laboratory is a full service lab offering complete photometric, electric and thermal testing of light sources and luminaires. The lab includes a complete range of equipment, including goniometer, integrating sphere and incubator oven.


With over 60 years of lighting experience, the legacy of learning and evolution in accuracy is at the core of the laboratory and fueled by the passion of the technicians who run this department. Our team has been involved in every aspect of lighting from design and manufacture with research into the latest light sources, reflective and diffusion materials, analysis and performance parameters for project optimisation and efficiency using the laboratory to aid in all of these fields.


Lighting as Technology Intended


With Casambi you can control your LED lights to create just the right mood or ambiance. Dim your lights and adjust their color with your existing switches or on your smartphone. You get a whole new lighting experience – no installation needed.


Easy to install. You don’t need any new wiring, switches, devices or networks. Plug in the lighting fixture and pair it with your phone or tablet. No other configurations needed.


Delightful to use. You can control your lights with an intuitive and visual user interface on your smartphone or tablet.


Practical daily use. You can still use your existing wall switches. They will have a new life: use them as dimmers and control many lamps with one switch.


Lighting as Experience. Casambi is more than just a light switch. With a tap on your smartphone you can set the ambiance for study, watching a movie, or a romantic dinner.